The capability to speak with conviction is a valuable holistic skill for the 21st century future readiness.   

Train your child to speak clearly and confidently whether it is to take part in conversations, class discussions or just to express his/her feelings or ideas.

Check out our public speaking programme that arm your child with this skill.

Camelot Public Speaking course in collaboration with Red Dot Academy.

Public Speaking Course

For 5 – 8 Years old

Your child will learn the basics of how to conduct himself/herself as a junior public speaker.  He/she will learn to structure age appropriate content and how to address an audience in an enthusiastic manner. The focus is on enabling the authentic voice of the junior speaker and allowing them to grow as thinkers and presenters. 

Over the course of the programme of 4 terms, the child will also learn to create different speech types and experiment with register and tonal colour for speech-making.  They will work interactively with each other and be speech collaborators with their coaches in creating discourse.

For 9 – 12 Years old

Over the course of the programme of 4 terms, your child will learn exciting approaches to be communicatively fluid and to have modes of speech-making types to access as part of speech maturation.   He/she will learn how to address an audience in an interactive manner by varying tone and colour his/her speeches in an expressive fashion in order to present content with contemporary relevance.  He/she works on using verbal signposts to create speaking in an authentic manner. 

We create situations for communication in a one to one, as well as many to many circumstances.  The aspiring speaker will grow with us and will learn to assess the value of information that they encounter in the process of creating powerful and engaging moments of communication. 

We have been extremely happy with Camelot Learning Centre. Kevin enjoyed attending the learning center that have sensory play, Montessori materials, cooking, water play, lots of arts, great environment, enrichment and amazing teachers. Kevin loved the bi-weekly outdoor tour. My son has thrived in the caring and fun environment and his confidence has grown.  I Continue Reading

Pei Lin mother of Kevin Teh from K2

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