Camelot – Red Dot Exploration Day! – For Young Creators!

Admission is FREE!

17 AUG, SAT – 10am–3pm

221 East Coast Road. S(428918)

Join us for day of creative exploration with our Drama and Public Speaking and Storytelling classes!

We are launching our first-ever Camelot Exploration Day!

Let your child experience a day of  creative activities! With a range of Drama,  Public-Speaking and Dramatic Storytelling workshops!

Read on for more details! Download the flyer, here.


FIVE 1 – hour Workshops!
  • 1000 – 1100: Teller and Take (3-5 Years old)
  • 1100 – 1200: Public Speaking! (6-8 Years old)
  • 1200 – 1300: Public Speaking Skills! (9 to 12 Years old)
  • 1300 – 1400: Let’s Play! (3 to 5 Years old)
  • 1400 – 1500: Collaborate and Create! (6-8 Years old)

About our Programmes!

Teller and Take – Story Telling for Young Children (3-5 Years Old)
This is an ideal opportunity to start the process of learning to tell stories using object-based stimuli. Learn to start using language in a dynamic and communicative manner.

Public Speaking! – with Starter Props! (6-8 Years Old)
Learn the basics to conduct yourself as a junior public speaker. Learn to structure age appropriate content and address an audience in an enthusiastic manner.

Public Speaking! (9-12 Years Old)
Learn to address an audience in an interactive manner. Work on using verbal signposts to create speaking in an authentic manner . We will teach you how to vary tone and colour your speeches in an expressive fashion.

Let’s Play! – Creative Drama! (3 to 5 Years Old)
Use your imagination with us. Focus on unleashing creativity through the element of games and group exchange. Energise and work with objects and space to free the body.

Collaborate and Create! – Devised Drama! (6-8 Years Old)
Have a great time working in a robust environment with other participants. Get ready to use props and set elements to create dynamic scenes and focus on group interaction for using body and text to enthral an audience.

Getting Here!
221 East Coast Road. S(428918) is accessible by car and public transport! We are located Opposite “Brawn and Brains Coffee East Roast”

If you are coming via car, you may find parking at “Tides Carpark.” Turn left onto Chapel Close, and then turn right into the carpark. Carpark charges are $2.54 for the first hour, and $0.54 for every 30 minutes (or part thereof)

If you are coming via public transport, you may take a bus from Aljunid MRT Station (Bus 40), and drop off at “Opposite the Holy Family Church” – (Stop ID. 92121). This stop also services buses 10, 12, 14, 32, 47.