Science Camp – Robotic Animal Park

Science Camp

For 4 to 6 Years Old
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Date: 2nd Dec. to 12th Dec. 2019

It is the Year 2120, a hundred years from now, and many of the Earth’s animals have gone extinct! Robotic Animal Park is a robotics themed workshop specially designed to help children understand and prevent a future without our Earth’s beloved animals.

Workshop Includes:

  • 5 Activities
  • Activity Log
  • An Unforgettable Experience!

Robotic Inventions:

  1. Ice Diorama
  2. Robofrog
  3. Mechamonkey
  4. Roboelephant
  5. Bionic Fish

We have been extremely happy with Camelot Learning Centre. Kevin enjoyed attending the learning center that have sensory play, Montessori materials, cooking, water play, lots of arts, great environment, enrichment and amazing teachers. Kevin loved the bi-weekly outdoor tour. My son has thrived in the caring and fun environment and his confidence has grown.  I Continue Reading

Pei Lin mother of Kevin Teh from K2

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